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Own a Bakkie or Truck?
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Get connected to people who need delivery & moving services in your area with Haulx Driver App & earn extra money in your own time at your convenience.

About Haulx Delivery Driver Service

Haulx Delivery Driver services is meant for a bakkie, truck or van drivers who want to take their delivery business to the next level and for people who own a van, bakkie or truck who also want to earn extra money at their own time using Haulx Driver App.

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Delivery Services At Your Convenience

Use your bakkie, truck or van to perform delivery service, moving services, removal service, courier service, fast delivery service, bakkie hire service, van hire & rental service, truck hire & rental service & many more services for large, big or sizeable goods in your area when you choose too at your convenience with Haulx Driver App.

Benefits of using Haulx Delivery Driver service

Delivery Service In Your Own Time

Earn Extra Cash At Your Convenience

No need to wait in front of stores for customer to deliver their goods. Get delivery notification on the move with Haulx Driver App.

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Why choose Haulx Delivery Service?


  • In-App Support

    Use customer support features for all your queries.

  • Navigate & Chat

    Navigate with Maps to find your delivery route & chat with your customer in real-time.

  • Activity History & Other Features

    Get your transaction history, update your profile anytime and many more features.

  • Quick & Easy Payment

    Use your preferred payment method to recharge your Wallet balance, Online & Bank Deposit.

  • Goods Insuarance Cover

    Goods or items on delivery are covered by Goods in-transit insurance.

  • Quick installation & use

    Download & signup in less than 5 minutes.

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What you need?

Service Availability

Haulx services are available anywhere in South Africa and are dependent on the availability of mobile internet services  in your area.

How Haulx Driver App works

Download the Haulx Driver app, Sign Up & Register, Get approved, Go Online at start receiving delivery alerts in your area in your own time at your convenience.

How to use Haulx Driver App

Get Delivery Alerts

Get an alert whenever a request for delivery, moving, hauling, transportation or removal is made near you with the Haulx driver app.

Accept Deliveries

Haulx driver app allows you to select a delivery request that suits you whenever you’re available and interested, offering you flexibility & freedom of choice.

Drive, Deliver & Earn

Arrive at the pickup location on time, load the delivery items, start the project to deliver the goods to the customer's drop-off and get paid every 7 days.


Minimum Requirements

Delivery Driver Requirements

Types of deliveries

Delivery just any type of goods or items  big, large, sizeable or bulky inline with the Hazardous Material Policy in any location whether it’s a in village, townships or suburbs whenever a request is made near you. Examples of delivery types to perform as delivery driver partner below.

Delivery types & Locations

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