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Thank you for showing interest in the Haulx Driver App. Download, install & sign up to register and start enjoying all the benefits & rewards for using Haulx Driver services.

What you need to get started

To become a driver partner for Haulx Delivery Services you’ll need to have the following documents at hand and ready to complete the registration process.

Personal documents

Identity Document

South African ID or work permit for foreigners.

Driving Licence

A valid South African drivers licence.

Bank Details

Proof of Banking details not older than 3 months where returns will be deposited.

Residence Address

Proof of Residencial Address not older than 3 months at the time of registration.

Signed Consent

Completed and signed MiE consent form for security vetting. Charges may apply. Click to download the form.

Criminal Record

Clear criminal record is required for the safety of our users. Charges may apply for security verification.

Vehicle Documents

Vehicle Details

Proof of vehicle registration should be attached and uploaded.

Vehicle & Licence Plate

Photo of vehicle & licence plate should be attached and upload.


Roadworthiness certificate should be attached and upload.

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